It has been 8 days since my last blog entry. (Sounds like a confession)  It feels like it is just as bad though. Sorry again for being MIA. I had a few things I was dealing with.

  1. I was a bit… how can I put this…. disappointed with the fact that we had no response to our Feature post. I would have liked to have started with the features but I guess there is/was no interest. (Pout face) I was excited.
  2. I had a huge deadline to meet with a new job application. (It is a part-time thing so not quitting my job…) Very good opportunity and a lot of work. (Besides loving dogs I also regard myself as quite the workaholic) So I spend almost a week designing 8 documents for my application.
  3. I signed up for an intensive 8-week course that started on Tuesday 14 November. It is ALL I have been doing since then. I am proud to say that I finished 4 weeks’ worth of course theory in 4 days. 🤔 (I guess this is where I have to say that besides loving dogs and being a workaholic, I am also a “studyholic”.) It is an Assessor course that covers planning and conducting assessments, designing and developing assessments. The theory so far is very interesting and I am definitely learning a lot. BUT DAMN! The questions are crazy. I have spent 3 days and I am only on my 4th question of my formative assessment. I did not expect the questions to be so intense. (Maybe I’m just not good with it because it is not Math or Science related)
  4. Besides all these additional things in my life, we are busy with exams at school. My days consist of invigilating exams, marking exams, moderating exams and getting my own files in order for moderation.


Not making excuses, I could be blogging at 2-3 in the mornings. LOL

Now you know what I have been up to. I promise to make time and do Bayla’s introduction posts this week.




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