The tooth fairy or TOOTH MOUSE visits furries as well

In South Africa, especially amongst the Afrikaans people, we have a Tooth Mouse (the Tandemuis) who comes to visit children instead of the Tooth Fairy.

So how it works: Once you have pulled your tooth, you will place in a shoe next to your bed at night before you go to sleep. Once you are asleep, the Tooth Mouse will come collect your tooth, and then depending on the condition of the tooth you will receive a gift in return. The gift is usually money but sometimes the Tooth Mouse will leave a gift instead of money.

So why am I telling you this random story?? Because, I came across the coolest post on Facebook, I will link it here. A doggie is visited by the Tooth Mouse!

ApieLiefie’s (the doggie) mom, Maryke Greeff, gave me permission to share the story on my blog.

She wrote the following on one of the Facebook pages:

(I am translating it to English as the original post was in Afrikaans)

Friends, look what the Tooth Mouse left me in Daddy’s shoe – ApieLiefie

Followed by the following pictures:

A photo of ApieLiefie investigating her present from the Tooth Mouse. It contains some money and some nice treats and a little note.

The little note. It reads: “ApieLiefie ❤ Enjoy! Sorry about your tooth! From: Tooth Mouse”

ApieLiefie enjoying her treats.

How freaking awesome! I just thought that this post is everything we as If I Can’t Bring My Dog I’m Not Going stand for. You as a dog-mom/dog-dad should definitely have your fur-kiddies visited by the Tooth Fairy or the Tooth Mouse. It is such a great idea. I love it when people treat their animals the same way they would treat their children.

This story made my week life!

Thank you Maryke for allowing us to share ApieLiefie’s story and thank you for being the best dog-mom!




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