Sunday, fun day…. with our cousins 🤗 2

Continuing from Part 1

There is a park close to my In-laws’ house, which we decided to go to. We have been there a few times before, it is fenced, so it is nice to walk the dogs off leash (if you have dogs that are not trained to behave yet 🙈) It is not really a park but it is open piece of land, that is accessible to the public and as I know does not belong to anybody. It is really nice to just take the dogs there for a walk, watch some birds or  for taking pictures. We have even seen some people going there to fly kites.

This is situated very close to Florida Junction Shopping Centre. The blue area is where we walk the dogs. The red lines indicate where the gate is. Photo cred:

Since the park is so close to my in-laws we decided that we would ask them if they would like to join us, and bring with Bayla, Kito and Ruby’s “cousins” as we call them. (Essentially these cousins are just my in-laws’ dogs you can read about them in another post called Lazy Sundays are the Best.)

Bayla is a Bull terrier (for those of you who don’t know. I also have not done her introduction post. My bad!) and Bull Terriers are prone to get skin cancer from the sun, so before we could out to parks we always put on some Sunscreen for the little piglet. She hates it but it is non negotiable.

She does not even want to look at me for a photo of her sunblock.

A bit blurry (sorry) but you can see her “not impressed” 

Off we go to fetch the cousins.

We pick up my brother and sister in-law, (my mom and dad in-law didn’t feel like going for a walk) and we took with Rollo and Twakkie.

The walk was so good. We saw Spotted Thick Knee eggs and Kito almost ate them!

Luckily I stopped him in time. He is such a little monster.  He did not want to walk on his leash today so I took the chance and allowed him to go off leash. Not that he is naughty off leash, he just sometimes gets too focused on other things instead of listening to us. He was very well behaved today and we had no problems with him at all.

The Shrimp tail

He is getting a little old. He is 10 years old already. See his birthday post here. (Noooo I want my dogs to live forever) I tend to walk at the back of the pack with him. Not that he agrees with me. He runs ahead until he catches up to his dad and Bayla. But we watch him carefully and make sure he stays hydrated. This old man can still give the rest of the pack  a run for their money.

To be continued…



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