Sunday, fun day…. with our cousins 🤗

Before I get into our Sunday shenanigans I should probably just do a quick update on the rest of the weekend…

I have been feeling a little off since last weekend, not really sick but not really myself either. Throughout the week I did not feel better at all, on the contrary Wednesday I was man down. Still cannot figure out what is was, or if it was all in my head. I felt like I had flu but I also didn’t. No point in trying to explain it, I was just off.

So Friday evening I was so relieved that I did not have to go to work the next day. (I could hardly get out of bed Friday morning, which is weird because I’m actually quite the morning person. Sinjen calls it “end-of-year-fatigue” which apparently is a real thing). Also it started raining on Friday afternoon and did not let up until this morning! (HEAVEN!)

The whole of Saturday we spent cuddling in front of the TV,  with much needed rain falling outside. It was GREAT!

Resting the whole of Saturday did me well, I woke up this morning feeling so much better. Although a little disappointed that the rain had stopped. Bayla came rushing into our room with a ball and we assumed that she wanted to play outside since it was sunny. I suggested we go to a park for a stroll and that was exactly what we did for Sunday fun day!
To be continued in Part 2….


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