Sunday, fun day…. with our cousins 🤗 3

Continuing from Part 2

We had such a laugh at Rollo. This little daxie has gained a lot of weight lately. About 15 minutes into the walk, he just goes and lies flat on his tummy,  legs spread out behind him and he refuses to move! Poor thing, I think he has gotten really out of shape. The walk was a bit too much for him.we let him rest for a while and then we all got back to our walk.

He did not want to stand still for any photos

And he likes to walk himself

Ruby also gave us quite the surprise on Sunday. She is usually all over the place when we go for walks.


Wait what? Yeah… guess what…. I lost all my photos for this story. I was cleaning up my phone by transferring the files to my laptop. The transfer was interrupted and all the files are corrupt. No way of retrieving them. So unfortunately the Sunday fun day posts will have to stop here. 🙁 the photos on this post was saved when I started drafting the post last week.

Very sad day. But the show must go on…



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